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Spirit Hollow/Hekate's Land Fundraiser to Continue

Hello Friends,

Many of you know that we recently held an online fundraiser, to secure funds to pay off the down payment on Spirit Hollow, land dedicated to Hekate adjacent to Ardantane's campus. The Indiegogo online fundraising campaign has concluded; the contributions there plus some (promised for this month) netted about half of the $7428 we need.

Therefore we will continue accepting donations through the Ardantane website or mailed-in checks. your contribution will help with the land AND net you a lovely thank-you gift related to Her! Contact me at if you would like to contribute. Thanks, and Hekate's blessings upon you. 
Blessed be, Amber K

Thank-you Gifts ("Perks") Available

A contribution of $10 will bring you a glossy card with Triple Hekate art, 4x5.5"
A contribution of $25 will bring you a Hecate's Sigil emblem, 3", silver on black
A contribution of $50 will bring you a small antique key (2-3") blessed at Her Circle OR a Hekate Altar Card (full color art), 4x6"        
A contribution of $100 will bring you a Triple Hekate coin (mod.) 1.25", bronze finish OR a small Hekate offering bowl with Her sigil        
A contribution of $200 will bring you a large, hand-forged iron key, 100-200 yrs. old OR a full-color "Witch Hecate" art print 8x11.3"        
A contribution of $300 will bring you an zncient Greek coin from Thrace, 2000+ years old, bronze, approx 1.5 cm. dia. and thick
A contribution of $500 will bring you a very large, heavy, hand-forged antique key, from Amber K's collection        
A contribution of $1000 will bring you any one of the perks above, PLUS a visit to Hekate's Circle + dinner with Amber K + Azrael

Hekate's Circle and Spirit Hollow: Sacred Land
Do you honor Hekate, the Lady of the Crossroads, Keeper of the Keys, Queen of the Witches, Goddess of Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld? Then help us honor Her with land and a ritual circle, dedicated to Her in perpetuity.
Ardantane Pagan Learning Center is located in north-central New Mexico, at the edge of the Jemez Mountains, about an hour's drive from Albuquerque. We have purchased over two acres of wild land adjacent to our campus, named it Spirit Hollow, and dedicated it to Hekate, who is one of the patron deities of our school.
Here we have created a stone circle for Her, and hope to add a shrine and processional way from the main campus. We also plan to hold a Hekate Retreat on the weekend nearest one of Her holy days. But we need your help.
The down payment of $7428 was financed through a temporarily interest-free loan, and that loan is coming due in 2014. Will you contribute to the purchase Spirit Hollow and Hekate's Circle, so that this land may continue to be a consecrated place for Hekate's worship and celebration?
As thank-you gifts, we offer several wonderful items that will be treasured by anyone who honors Hekate: beautiful full-color altar cards, offering bowls, antique keys, ancient and modern coins, and more. All gifts will be mailed to donors within a week your donation. In addition, as a contributor you will be notified when the first Hekate Retreat is held, and invited to participate.
Please contribute now, and tell all your friends —especially if they love Hekate! Please e-mail, mention us on Facebook, Tweet, and spread the word! Thank you and blesséd be.
Amber K, Executive Director, Ardantane Pagan Learning Center
Hannah Epstein, Membership Director and Campaign Coordinator, Ardantane Pagan Learning Center
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