A Warriors’ Gathering: An Online Retreat

For Immediate Release: Warrior’s Training at Ardantane Campus in April/ Gateway to Paladin Training

Greetings Pagans of the Southwest, this is Abraxas of Ardantane reaching out to you from the wind-swept canyons of New Mexico Jemez hill country!

This online course features intensives on energy work and sensitivity and is open to anyone interested in exploring the warrior’s path, not just those on course for the Order.

DATE: Saturday, April 24, from 9 am to 8 pm.

FEE: $75 for the day

April is an exciting month here at Ardantane, and anyone wondering what’s really up with all those Paladin Training classes on the school’s website will be pleasantly surprised to know that this month heralds the return of the Master at arms for the Order of Paladins to our virtual campus for the annual initiation of prospective new members to the Order.

That’s right, folks, Kerr Cuhulain will bring the mysteries of the Order to new initiates once again! This year the event, called an arming initiation for those on the path of joining the Order and also a Warrior’s Gathering, will be held online—regrettably his usual visit to New Mexico for the in-person event has been curtailed by coviD-19, but even the pandemic can’t stop the warrior spirit from coming to Ardantane in virtual reality.

Kerr is a master of many things, and fortunately for all those interested in checking out the Order of Paladins, Zoom meetings are among his many masteries!

Go to https://www.ardantane.org/event/a-warriors-gathering-an-online-retreat/ for more information or to register.

To register, go to https://www.ardantane.org/event/a-warriors-gathering-an-online-retreat/ and scroll down to the blue Get Tickets button.  Be sure to enter the number of students you wish to register before clicking on the blue Get Tickets button.

Hope to see you there, warriors and witches!

Registration for this class will close at 5PM on Friday, April 23.

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