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Teaching ancient wisdom, living magick


Ardantane provides superb learning experiences for the Pagan community and those who hold the Earth sacred.


Ardantane offers superb learning experiences and programs of study in the wisdom, practices, and skills of diverse Pagan, nature-centered, and indigenous traditions.

We are a resource for spiritual teachers, leaders, and learners,
and promote excellence in Pagan teaching, learning, and leadership
around the world.

Our campus in the high desert of New Mexico models sacred, Earth-honoring, sustainable living, and is a community gathering place of friendship and fun.

We collect and preserve spiritual knowledge, sharing and celebrating the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the living magick that surrounds us.

Ardantane Values and Practices

Ardantane is created to serve Spirit, the Pagan community, and those who hold the Earth sacred. It does this in many ways:

Ardantane is a Pagan learning center based on the Wiccan Rede and serving all positive Pagan traditions.

Ardantane’s primary purpose is to offer high quality programs of study for Pagan spiritual leaders, the Pagan community, and those from other spiritual communities who share similar values.

Ardantane fosters excellence in teaching, using a national pool of skilled and well-informed teachers who are committed to their own continual growth.

Ardantane uses both innovative and traditional teaching methods, communications, and educational technology.

Ardantane offers educational programs of varying lengths and formats to accommodate students’ needs.

Ardantane is an educational, social, and recreational center for the local Pagan community.

Ardantane collects, preserves, and makes accessible a central archive of Pagan information and historical material, including recordings of related visual and performing arts.

Ardantane is based at one main campus, but serves as a catalyst and resource for the creation of regional learning centers elsewhere.

Ardantane’s campus is designed as a model of harmony with the Earth.

Ardantane promotes improved communications, networking, and education among Pagans nationally and internationally.

Ardantane teaches love and respect for the Earth/Gaia, and how to translate those values into daily lifestyle and practical action, working from a campus which is a model for living in harmony with the Earth.

Ardantane practices playfulness, spontaneity, and joy in living. Ardantane is fun.

Ardantane seeks harmonious and mutually beneficial relations with the non-Pagan and interfaith communities.

Ardantane has at its core peace, beauty, and the realization of the immanent Spirit; and always maintains creative, active and growing involvement with the world.


Ardantane is an independent, registered 501c3 non-profit corporation established in 1996 in the state of New Mexico. Ardantane is dedicated to the creation of a Pagan learning center and seminary.

Ardantane is governed by a Board of Directors, who are volunteers from the community. Leadership and operational direction is provided by an Executive Director, under the guidance and approval of the Board of Directors.

Ardantane activities are governed by a set of By-Laws and policies, approved by the Board of Directors. These policies include the selection of Board members, the accreditation of instructors (according to Ardantane standards), the awarding of Certificates of Study to students, and the management of resources required to create the campus.

Ardantane has five schools, each of which offers one or more programs of study, or Certificate programs. The five schools are Magick and Witchcraft, Pagan Leadership, Pagan Spirituality, Sacred Living, and Shamanic Studies.

Ardantane programs of study are designed and directed by the Deans of the Ardantane Schools. Deans are appointed by the Board of Directors, according to policy and standards.

Classes are taught by at least one member of the Faculty Council or by guest teachers approved by the Board. The Faculty Council is composed of the Deans of Ardantane and all accredited instructors.

Students may apply to a certificate program by completing a certificate application and submitting it by email to the Dean of the School they wish to pursue a certificate in, or by mailing it to Ardantane, P. O. Box 307, Jemez Springs, NM 87025. The application may be submitted at any time while in study for a certificate, but it is recommended that students apply relatively early in the program to receive the most benefit of a Dean’s advice and mentoring.

The Campus 

The Ardantane campus is located in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico near the town of Jemez Springs, one hour by car to the northwest of Albuquerque. The campus property is 27+ acres, bordered on the north and east by National Forest land. The elevation is approximately 6000 feet (1800 meters).


Most of the land is rocky and rugged, with ledges and ravines. However, there are some wonderful flat building sites and camping areas as well. The plant cover includes pinon and juniper trees, as well as grass and cacti. It is “high desert country.” All around there are views of towering, colorful mesas. The land is accessible to ordinary vehicles year-round, on a graded dirt road leading to a state highway.


Electricity is available to the campus, though we plan to be off the grid eventually, using photovoltaic solar and wind energy. Water is provided by a deep well, and catchment basins for rain water are planned. There are several buildings established, including three overnight cabins for students, Members, and visitors; and more are being built, many by volunteers (the “Blessed Beavers”).

Lodging is available on the campus and in the town of Jemez Springs, about 15 minutes away. Contact Ardantane at (505) 469-7777 for information about lodgings in town or on campus.


There are a few rural residences near the property; the nearest town is Jemez Springs, home to a spiritually diverse community which includes a Zen Buddhist center and a Catholic convent.

For views and a tour of the beautiful campus, please see the “Campus Tour.”

Non-Discrimination Policy

Ardantane admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, ancestry, or marital status to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.

Ardantane does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, ancestry, or marital status in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, faculty and staff, scholarship programs, and other school-administered programs.

Privacy Policy

Email addresses will not be released or used for any purpose other than sending news and announcements related to Ardantane.

We collect no identifying information on visitors who browse our website.

Persons who supply us with their telephone numbers will only receive telephone contact from us with information regarding specified information. They may withdraw their contact information at any time.

Student addresses will only be used for Ardantane mailings.

Ardantane Board Members

Bridget Brooke
Debbie Doggett
Ina Krieble
Laura Liles
Bob Sunde
Dawn Venhaus

Please contact the Ardantane Director to reach any of the Board members.

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