Ardantane Wish Lists

Volunteer Opportunties

Ardantane always needs volunteer help around the campus—and it doesn’t have to happen on regularly scheduled Blessed Beaver work parties. If you take on a project and complete it, you can earn Beaver Bucks that are good toward registration fees for classes or retreats. Contact if you are interested!

Financial Support

Ardantane exists for our community because of the generosity of contributors like you. You should know that Ardantane is a 501c3 non-profit educational corporation, and that ALL donations are tax-exempt, and NO donations go toward staff salaries.

How could you help? By participating in classes and certificate programs; by volunteering time and energy for Blessed Beavers work parties or other tasks, and by your financial contributions. You can sign up as an Ardantane Member (monthly or annual donation in any amount), OR you can give a one-time contribution for any of the needs listed below:

Wish Lists

Campus pickup and cleanup
Clean and fix solar lights
Repaint existing signage (main sign, Camino Corto sign)
Plant trees around campus, water, mark with tape
Grade road through campus (requires grader)

PUMPKIN SHED (toolshed):
Empty, clean, reorganize tools
De-rust tools

Build shelving units for Ardantane Library
Repair wooden chairs, painting touch-up, cut and install new seat supports on some
Install flashing over windows outside
Boards or stucco over electric wires
Install double doors to Common Room
Help terrace S slope
Erosion control on SW slope
Build patio outside S door

Add sand/dirt to patio, fix edges
Build latilla sunshade on east side
Rig pump and solar unit for stone fountain
Remove glass door, replace with wall and window

LA CASA: (staff residence)

Build bookshelves
Paint La Casa windows – turquoise borders
Finish bathroom trim

OASIS (drip-irrigated green space):

Weed and clean Oasis Circle
Weed and clear path through Oasis
Plant irises, sunflowers
Plant grass and wildflower seed

Help with demolition of Werehouse (old storage building)
Seeker’s Path—clear and repair
Quail Shed—check all paint, remove unusable paint
Build marker cairns along southern boundary
Improve path to Hekate’s Circle, line with stones

ONGOING SUPPORT (Figures are rounded):
Monthly electric bill: $200/month, or $2400/year
Monthly Internet/telephone: $100/month, or $1200/year
Liability insurance: $1000/year
Ardantane share of property taxes: $450/year
Truck fuel: $300/year
Truck maintenance: $500/year average
Website restructuring and expansion: $900+

The Great Keep (storage building): credit card loan payoff: $2300
Trees to plant on campus: $300 – $500
Solar lights for campus: $200
HARRE: rough electric installation: $1500
HARRE: sewage pump, conduit, and trenching: $1500
Dome fireplace: (no estimate yet)
Gryffindor Common Room roof: (no estimate yet)
Common Room doors: (no estimate yet)
Common Room windows: (no estimate yet)
Common Room wood stove: (no estimate yet)
HARRE restroom water heater: $500 (we want to add a note of thanks to the Chamisa Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess for the $500 they generously donated toward the water heater)

Main campus land mortgage/bank loan: $24,000
Spirit Hollow mortgage/bank loan $16,700

FUTURE PLANS (no estimates yet):
A solar-powered electrical system for the campus
A Dome Annex to contain an Ardantane office, storage area, and restroom
A dining hall and commercial kitchen (to double as the Green Man Pub evenings)
A central pavilion, as a roofed outdoor gathering place in the heart of campus
Up to three more cabins for overnight students and visitors:
The Fire Cabin
The Earth Cabin
The Spirit Cabin
An additional staff residence
Payoff on the interest-free loan given by Amber and Azrael for the campus

IF YOU CAN HELP WITH ANYTHING ON THESE LISTS: Contact Executive Director Amber K to make it happen: call (505) 469-7777 OR e-mail OR write to Ardantane, P.O. Box 307, Jemez Springs NM 87025.

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