Celtic Gods and Goddesses Registering Now

Taught by Lora Jackson Legare

Starting on March 5 and running throughout the month every Thursday night from 7pm to 9pm, this dynamic look at the Celtic pantheon is helmed by Lora Jackson Legare and is open for registration immediately!

The class will meet online, focusing on a new deity from the Celtic pantheon each night, from Brighid to the Dagda; emphasis will be on practical methods and means of connecting in live magickal practice with these wonderful deities, so come ready to experience the Celtic divine with an open mind and heart.

Anyone interested in more information can find it at www.Ardantane.org on the registration page, so head on over and check it out before the roster fills up!

To register, go to https://www.ardantane.org/event/celtic-goddesses-and-gods/ and follow the directions below.
• Scroll down until you see the blue button Get Tickets
• Just above the button, click on the + sign to add the number of students you are planning to register.
• Click on the blue button. It will take you to checkout, which works just like any other online checkout.

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