Karen Goodpasture came back to Ardantane this month, and we are so glad to have her there! A few years ago, Karen had to leave her usual summer home in the Jemez due to fire danger. She asked to spend the summer at Ardantane, and she’s been there every summer since. She’s taken on the Ardantane library as her own personal project, and has done an amazing job of culling and categorizing the books and organizing the space. A data base of all the titles in in the works for this year.

This year at Pantheacon, a member of the Ardantane board (that would be your intrepid editor, Rowan) attended a presentation on another Pagan library project in the Bay Area. When the Ardantane library was mentioned, Rowan was proud to stand up and give a status report on the library, which is much further along. She was also happy to thank Karen publicly for all her work.

Karen is more than a volunteer. She is part of the heart and soul of Ardantane.

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