Blessed Beavers

The Blessed Beavers are anyone who volunteers to help Ardantane.

At our last board meeting, we determined that Ardantane would function better if members of the Board were dedicated to several key tasks. In appreciation for her or his services, a Board member may attend all Ardantane classes and other events at no charge. She or he may do this on an occasional basis, or is welcome to sign up for a Certificate program in any of the schools.

If you have a skill that you think can benefit Ardantane, contact the director at

Blessed Beaver Work Parties

We traditionally hold no work party in January. The next potential regular work party may be in late spring or in the summer. The Board will decide when it’s safe enough to hold one.

However, the Board has authorized us to hold small work parties with an individual, couple, or household. Once the weather moderates, if you would like to come up to the Ardantane campus by yourself or with your housemates, we would love to have your help on selected smaller projects. Keep it in mind, and we’ll talk when the weather permits.
When the world returns to normal, here’s what Beaver days will look like.

Saturday work parties generally meet at the campus one day each month—usually the second Saturday, but this can vary. We help build the campus and perform the many other maintenance and cleanup tasks that keep the campus clean and attractive.
Some jobs are skilled (like carpentry) and some are simple (clean-up, painting, landscaping)—there is something for every interest. You might be sorting library books, marking a trail, painting trim on a cabin, building bookcases, or planting something in the Oasis… every work party has different projects.

We work from 8:00 or 9:00 AM, depending on the season… starting earlier in summer, later in winter. We begin with a simple opening ceremony, and end sometime in the afternoon, usually around 4:00 PM—but you can come at any time during the day. (Some folks do special projects at other times, to fit their personal schedules, by arrangement with the Director.)

Volunteers who work a “full” day—six hours or more—receive $40 in Beaver Bucks (applicable to any Ardantane event fee). Those who work 3-4 hours receive $20 in Beaver Bucks. First-timers are awarded the Blessed Beaver patch (embroidered emblem) to wear proudly on a cap or work shirt. Everyone receives free lunch and beverages, as well as healthy exercise and camaraderie. Bring your sun hat and work gloves (we have loaners if you need them).

Blessed Beaver Volunteer Days for 2021

Will be posted when they can be scheduled.

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