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The New Registration System - Please read before you register

You’ll notice that the registration system has changed.  It’s actually easier to use, but it is different, so we’ve put together some notes to walk you through it.

Browse classes and events by clicking on the Ardantane Courses and Retreats  tab, the fourth one on the grey banner across the top of the website.  You can also browse events under Ardantane Free Events, the third tab.  Here you will find information about the regular volunteer days, Sabbat celebrations and other free events of interest to Ardantane members, students and volunteers.  In general you do not need to register for free events.

When you know which courses you want to register for, go to Courses and Retreats , the fourth item in the bar grey banner across the top of the website.  Click on Registration, which will appear when you hold your cursor over Courses and Retreats.

You’ll notice that we ask you to fill in the amount you intend to pay.  Many of our students pay for classes with Membership Certificates or Volunteer Credits, AKA Beaver Bucks.  You will need to do this before you add the class to your cart.  There is a drop down menu to help you figure out the amount you will pay.  For example,

You do not plan to use Beaver Bucks or Membership Certificates, so you enter the full amount.

You plan to use Beaver Bucks or Membership Certificates totaling less than the amount of the class, enter the price of the class, less the amount of Beaver Bucks or Membership Certificates.  (for example, the total price of the class is $60 and you have $40 in Beaver Bucks, enter $20)

You have a Member Certificate or Beaver Bucks for the full amount of the class, enter zero.

Next, and this is very important, mail the necessary Beaver Bucks or Member Certificates to Ardantane at Ardantane, P. O. Box 307 Jemez Springs, NM 87025.  If you neglect to do this, you will have to pay for the remainder of the tuition on the first day of class.

Add the class or event to your cart, just as you would in making any other internet purchase.  You will then proceed to Checkout.  The amount you entered into the system will be charged to your credit or debit card.

You’ll notice that we ask you to type in a four digit code to prevent  bogus registrations.  We are sorry to have to do this, but it is necessary just in case somebody named lfkjwpreohtqrg actually wants to register from Zaire someday.  Under the old system, the registrar had to guess which registrations were valid and which were bogus, often based on the coherence of the data.  She is relieved not to have to do that any longer.

Questions for the registrar?  Write to


WICCA 101 ONLINE with Bridget and Rowan

Thursdays, October 20-November 10, 7PM MST

An introduction to the Old Religion, the Craft of the Wise; with

  • history
  • gods and goddesses
  • magick and ritual
  • spiritual practices
  • customs and traditions
  • covens and solitaries
  • cosmology and myths
  • the Wheel of the Year
  • and more, from experienced Witches

Thursday evenings

Fee: $75 (ID#: 16PS1020) —

Astrology for Pagans One with Moonbeam Mage

Tuesdays, October 25-November 15, 7:00 pm MST


Instructor: Moonbeam Mage

Astrology doesn’t have to be hard! If you are interested in the stars but daunted by the complicated terminology and math, this is the class for you! Explore astrology from a down-to-Earth Pagan perspective, including your relationships with the planetary deities, becoming aware of the energy tides around you, and how to perform astrological divination. Evaluate your personality using your unique birth chart, and experience the night sky in a whole new way.

Fee: $75 (ID#: 16PS0607) —


Hekate’s Torch and Key Retreat with Amber K, Azrael Arynn K, Staff

Fridays, November 11-13, 5pm November 11 - 5pm November 13 2015

This retreat will be held on the Ardantane campus.

A celebration of the ancient goddess Hekate, Mistress of Magick, Torchbearer, Keeper of the Keys, and so much more. Ritual, workshops and presentations, ritual at Hekate’s Circle in Spirit Hollow, feasting, song, and more. The program is different each year.

Fee: $110 (ID#: 16PS1111) —


Tuesdays, November 29-December 6, 7PM-9PM MST

An Online Seminar with Amber K

An essential part of the spiritual work of a Witch—indeed, any spiritually evolving human being—is Shadow Work. We all carry old pain, anger, fear, and grief that can cripple our joy and impede our pursuit of True Will. Illuminating and healing these dark places in our minds can release great energy and freedom. And we all have hidden parts of ourselves, the people we might have been, and could yet be, that have been hidden for years. This is the “Gold in the Shadow.”

Join us for two evenings with Amber K, a Wiccan priestess of 37 years experience, author of true magic, coven craft, and other highly-regarded books on the craft. We will explore the boundaries and possibilities of shadow work, learn how to prepare for this challenging venture, and discover tools and allies that you may take with you and the dark realms of your soul.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not attempt to perform Shadow Work online. This is a survey of the topic and a preparation for doing the work, but it must be done at a time and place, and with support, of your choosing.

The online class will take place on two consecutive Tuesday evenings, November 29 and December 6, 2016. Each session will last two hours, from 6-8 PM PST, 7-9 PM MST, 8-10 PM CST, and 9-11 PM EST. The fee is $35. Please register at, or contact We will e-mail you directions to the WebEx class site. WebEx is a live, interactive classroom where you can participate in real time with the instructor and other students.

For questions about the program, contact Amber at or call (505) 469-7777.

Fee: $35 (ID#: 16MW1129) —

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