Coven-Craft Classes Registering Now

Starting on Tuesday, March 3rd, Ardantane kicks off its newest offering, the Coven Craft series of classes Keys to Pagan Leadership!

The class runs through the month of March every Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm Mountain Time and will be taught by none other than Amber K., author of Coven Craft, Ritual Craft and many other classic titles in the Witchcraft genre. Amber will be joined by Rowan and Ina White Owl as the class progresses, covering a wide array of relevant topics in the field—Pastoral Counseling, Group Dynamics, Leadership styles and Pagan Clergy in the Community are included.

Anyone interested in deepening their experience in the complex and fascinating area of group leadership would do well to jump onto their computer and check out this ongoing series of Pagan-focused, Coven oriented classes. More information can be found at www.

To register, go to and follow the directions below.
• Scroll down until you see the blue button Get Tickets
• Just above the button, click on the + sign to add the number of students you are planning to register.
• Click on the blue button. It will take you to checkout, which works just like any other online checkout.

Don’t miss it!

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