Feedback Sought

Sunday was our annual Vision Day for Ardantane. On the day, we decided to ask for feedback from the general Ardantane community, not just those who were able to attend or get us information beforehand.


I would particularly like your input on these issues:


  1. What can be improved in our programs? Are there themed retreats, or online classes, that you would like Ardantane to offer?


  1. Should we make it a priority to restore the land at the Ardantane campus? (Restoring grassland, controlling erosion, improving wildlife habitat)


  1. How might we deal with our volunteer staff shortage? (Too few staff, Beaver volunteers, and academic deans)


  1. How can we energize fund-raising? (for the Common Room, new cabins, a dining hall & kitchen, and especially an endowment fund)


  1. Is there a particular job or project that you would be willing to take on?


Please e-mail me personally at, or call me at (505) 469-7777, if you have ideas to share. I will make sure that your comments are incorporated in our plans going forward as much as possible.


Thanks you for your continuing support of Ardantane–I look forward to hearing from you!


Amber K

Executive Director


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