Friday Night Firesides Are A Keeper!

Hail, and well met, oh merry and salubrious pagans and witches! From the hills of the Jemez mountains I send out greetings and salutations, and an important declaration for those of you who’ve taken part in the Friday Night Seminars during this past season… due to a steady, nay, ever-growing attendance in the virtual seminar space and much buzz in the campus halls and pathways amongst those who have participated, I am pleased to announce that Friday Night Seminars will continue each week through this year AND the next! Our own esteemed Amber K. will head up the effort with an array of eclectic offerings that will be announced fully in short order, and she will be joined by regular contributions from Moonbeam Mage, our Mistress of the Mystical Realms, Maiden of the Celestial Spheres (and Master Astrologer…), Kerr Cuhulain, and others as yet to be determined. The decision, made at the last Ardantane Council Board Meeting by a unanimous vote of the Circle, was largely due to the resounding positive feedback generated by many of those who attended the seminars in the short time since they began. The students have spoken, and the esteemed faculty of Ardantane has answered! Friday Night Seminars will be our way forward during this challenging time of social distancing—we may be physically separated, but the classes, students and instructors of Ardantane are still alive, well, and enthusiastic about delving into the arcane knowledge with our customary determination and dedication! Anyone interested in more information, feel free to head on over to There will be new classes added soon.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Moonbeam Mage will continue hosting monthly astrological discussions.



Rowan has a planned talk The QAnon conspiracy and it’s relationship to the Satanic Panic of the 1990’s, plus classes on whatever odd take she has on the history of contemporary and historical topics of interest to the Pagan/Wiccan community.

There will be programs on each of the eight Sabbats, lead by various members of the faculty.

Amber K plans to contribute monthly talks, including such subjects as Animal Spirit Allies, Sky Deities, Children, Nature, and Humanity’s Future and more.



Lora Legare is offering seminars on Celtic and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

Other members of the faculty are also plan to participate.  Some of the most popular classes may be repeated.  In short, you aren’t going to want to miss any of them!

These seminars make it a great time to become a supporting member of Ardantane, because members attend the Seminars for free.  To set up you monthly donation, visit and sign up today.

Changes have been made to the Ardantane website that may not be immediately obvious regarding the Fireside seminars each Friday. Registration will no longer involve discount codes, and the cost will heretofore be $10 for each Fireside event. Here’s hoping to see you there!

Come and see what you have been missing.

So mote it be!

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