Friday Seminars to Continue

Ardantane’s members and friends have been enjoying a special series of classes held every Friday night for the past three months.  The talks have been so well attended and received that the Board decided to continue the seminars through the end of September.

There will be some exciting additions to the program, too.  Moonbeam Mage will be hosting monthly astrological discussions.  Kerr Cuhulian will also be contributing to the program monthly, beginning with Ancestor’s Skies on July 3.  Other members of the faculty are also planning to contribute to the series, including Amber K, of course.  Some of the most popular classes from the first three months may be repeated.

These seminars make it a great time to become a supporting member of Ardantane, because members attend the Seminars for free.  To set up you monthly donation, visit and sign up today.

Seminars will continue to be available to the public at a cost of $10 using the discount code SPRINGBUNNY.

Come and see what you have been missing.

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