Fun and Flowers: Beltane Festivities at Ardantane

The public is invited to celebrate the ancient holiday of Beltane on TUESDAY, May 1, 2018, at the Ardantane campus south of Jemez Springs.

Normally Ardantane hosts seasonal celebrations on the Friday nearest the traditional date, but scheduling conflicts dictate that it will be observed on the actual date for May Day, a Tuesday.

Beltane means “Bel’s fire” in Gaelic, and refers to the custom of lighting large bonfires to celebrate the warmth and growing light of Bel, a Celtic sun god honored by Celts and other ancient peoples of Europe and the Mediterranean.

Generations ago it was also a frank celebration of human sexuality, in which people “danced the maypole” with ribbons, and built bowers in field and forest where couples could encourage the earth’s fertility and the growth of crops.

Ardantane’s celebration may seem a bit tame in comparison, but will include flowers, singing, feasting, games, and cavorting in spirit if not in the flesh.

Participants will gather in the dome at Ardantane at about 6:30 pm, and are encouraged to bring potluck food or beverages, dress in bright colors, and bring flowers if you can. Call Amber at 505-469-7777 if you have questions or need directions.

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