History of Witchcraft in America coming in February

Have you ever wondered how the various witchcraft traditions came to the Americas?  What exactly was going on in Salem, and how modern witches think about it? What other systems or organizations influenced Wiccan belief and practice?

Join other students to explore these questions and more online on Tuesdays in February by registering for a very special online class, The Story of Witchcraft in America.

Taught by Rowan of Our Lady of the Woods, the Dean of the School of Magick and Witchcraft at Ardantane and a lifelong history buff, this class will cover these questions and more, with ample room for discussion and sharing.

Students will be guided to do independent research on Folk Traditions, Contributing Influences and more.

Interested? Go to https://www.ardantane.org/courses/ today to register.  The class costs $90 for four sessions, and Volunteer and Membership certificates are accepted.

Tuesdays, February 5-26, 7 PM MST

This online class will cover many of the events and movements that have contributed to the evolution of the Craft in the Americas, beginning with the Salem witch trials and going on to review folk traditions, such as Pennsylvania Pow Wow and Voodoo, brought to the New World by its settlers, the relationships among the Native American community and the counterculture of the 1960’s and the revitalization of the Craft, look at the role of festivals in the modern day craft and more.

Students will be expected to prepare for the online classes with reading and independent study. We will meet on line once per week for two hours. There will be four classes.

This class is an elective in the School of Magick and Witchcraft. It can be counted towards the certificate program.


  • Salem Shapes the Future,
  • Folk Traditions and the Craft,
  • Contributing Influences: Theosophy, Woodcraft, Spiritualism, Transcendentalism and more,
  • The Counterculture and the Craft

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