Kerr Cuhulain Returns to New Mexico: The Warrior Within April 27-29

Something special is happening at Ardantane in late April, and I want to invite you to be part of it.
Kerr Cuhulain is coming down to Ardantane, from his home in Canada, to lead a weekend program. Some of you know Kerr from his many books on the Craft, Paganism, and modern concepts of knighthood.
The program is called “Discovering the Warrior Within,” and it’s about self-mastery, self-awareness, directing energy, and becoming a better and more effective person in service to the community.
I want to be clear: it’s not about becoming military soldiers, or learning physical combat (though there will be couple of martial arts demos, in the context of controlling energy flows). It’s about embracing a chivalrous code of conduct and self-identification as a peaceful warrior. Just so you know, I’ve been training with Kerr for several months, and I hope you know I’m not a violent person. I AM a person who thinks our nation needs change, and wants to be a strong and effective activist for environmental causes and social justice.
This program is for women and men, and other genders too. Age doesn’t matter; I’m 70 years old; hardly a young, muscular martial artist; and my “weapons” tend to be words, education, and energy movement/magick.

I think you would enjoy meeting Kerr and the other members of the Order of Paladins who will be teaching that weekend. I believe you might discover some tools and techniques that are useful on your spiritual path. It’s going to be different from anything you’ve seen at Ardantane before. If this intrigues you, please reserve a place, by going to ;

Blessed be, Amber K

Executive Director, Ardantane Pagan Learning Center
Telephone: 505-469-7777
Address: Ardantane, P.O. Box 307, Jemez Springs, NM 87025

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