Keys to Ritual Design Registering NOW

For Immediate Release: Limited Spaces Available for Keys to Ritual Design, taught by Amber K and friends

The month of April is full of wonderful cyclical favorites, as Spring begins to unfold and the flow of life bathes the landscape in the greens characteristic of the warmer months (although here in New Mexico its more of a subtle tint than a wash); Ardantane’s online class offerings, in celebration of the arrival of Spring, are filled with the magickal bounty brought to us by the work of Amber K. and Azrael!

April heralds the return to the Ardantane curriculum of the Keys to Ritual Design—so if you missed last year’s class, you’ve got another chance to add this particular feather to your witchy cap. The class is based off the timeless work Ritual Craft, by Amber K. and Azrael, and will fill up SWIFTLY so head on over to  and  scroll down to the blue Get Tickets button to register. Keys to Ritual Design starts on Tuesday, April 7th, and runs through to the final class on April 28th.  No physical travel is involved, as the class will be conducted via Zoom online, and no need to worry about social distancing!

Enjoy the class, folks, and the Spring weather. Blessed Be.

Rowan, Registrar for the Ardantane Staff

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