Mabon “Thanksgiving” at Ardantane

The public is welcome to attend a celebration of Mabon at Ardantane on Friday evening, September 21. Mabon is sometimes called the “Pagan Thanksgiving;” our ancestors marked the second harvest at this time, the gathering of fruits and vegetables.

Mabon occurs at or near the Fall Equinox, when day and night are equal in length. Though harvesting crops and gardens was hard work, people in agrarian societies took time to give thanks for the bounty of the earth in the old-fashioned way, by singing, dancing, feasting, and telling stories.

Though the festival is named for a minor Celtic god, modern nature religionist focus more on Mother Earth and Father Sky, and the harvest abundance that results when rain and sunlight touch the seeds in the fertile ground.

Participants are invited to arrive at the Ardantane dome at 6:00 pm or so, and the ritual will begin at 6:30. You need no experience in ritual to participate, nor do you have to endorse any particular religious beliefs.

There is no dress code; wear warm and colorful clothing—perhaps in autumnal or harvest colors. Bring a dish or beverage to share at the potluck feast afterward. Any contributions are welcome, though it is a courtesy if you mark a card with ingredients so that those with food restrictions can fill their plates wisely. Alcohol, in moderation, is allowed

These events are family-friendly, and there is no charge for sabbat celebrations at Ardantane, although donations are always welcome.

If you need directions to Ardantane or have questions about the program, call Amber at (505)


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