More Celtic Gods and Goddesses

There something special happening on the second Thursday of the month, starting in February and continuing through May.  Lora Legare will continue her very  popular series from 2020, covering four more Celtic Deities.  Each class stands alone, and you need not have attended the last series to enjoy this one.
Join us for a series of four monthly classes on Celtic deities: Cerridwen of the mystic cauldron;
the fierce warrior, the Morrigan;
Lugh, Master of All Skills; and
Epona, the white mare and goddess of sovereignty.
We will discuss their history and legends, aspects and attributes, correspondences to help in spellwork, and finally journey through guided meditations to connect with them. Whether you are new to Celtic Goddesses and Gods or have worked with them before, this class can give you tools and insights to form new connections or deeper connections to the Celtic Pantheon.
Lora Jackson Legare has been a practicing Wiccan for 35 years. She is a professional archaeologist, professor of anthropology, and writer. She has led numerous public rituals in southern New Mexico and conducted workshops and classes on developing connections with Celtic Goddesses and Gods, stone magick, and magickal correspondences, and led many guided meditations.


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