New Order of Paladin Training Class Starting May 27

On May 27, 2018 Kerr Cuhulain will begin a third session of Paladin Training online.  The third stream will meet online at 10AM PDT.


The Order of Paladins is a modern order of Knighthood founded in November 2007 by Wiccan author Kerr Cuhulain.  Knights of the Order of Paladins live the precepts and the thirteen principles of the code of chivalry of the Order (sincerity, courtesy, compassion, perseverance, industriousness, justice, loyalty, courage, self discipline, humility, largesse, truth, honor) to set an example to the world. The Order of Paladins focuses on empowerment, creative expression and effective magick. All members are expected to participate, contribute, and serve the community.

Visit for more information, and to look at some of the reference videos that will be used in the training.

Third Stream dates: May 27, 2018, June 24 2018, July 29, 2018, August 26, 2018, September 30, 2018, October 28, 2018, November 25, 2018, December 30, 2018, January 27, 2019, February 24, 2019, March 31, 2019, April 26-28, 2019, plus six more classes in May-October, 2019.

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