New Paladin Training begins on May 24

For Immediate Release: Spring Brings Forth New Paladin Training to Ardantane, from Our Neighbor to the North


Hail to all, and Blessings of the season! The sun graces us with radiance, and the land once more becomes alive with the solar force!  Spring is rolling into Summer as we speak, and there’s a lot going on at Ardantane that can help focus our thoughts on the positive, life-affirming powers that sustain and facilitate the creative flow within us. This May 24th marks the start of a new series of Paladin Trainings, brought to Ardantane  by the founder of the Order of Paladins, Kerr Chuhulain himself! Courses wind their way through a labyrinth of eighteen months in time, during which the students commitment is tested and their resolve tempered; each stream is facilitated throughout with appropriate social distancing protocols (one of the nice things about online learning) and will run concurrently with the Fifth Stream series from the Order; both are scheduled to begin on the 24th, with the new stream starting at 12pm to 1pm, and Fifth Stream running from 3 to 4 pm.

Registration is available online for the New Paladin Training at www., and anyone interested in learning more about Kerr Chuhulain or the Order of Paladins is invited to head on over to the website. Let’s show our guests from Our Neighbor to the North some hospitality and some spirit by showing up to check out what they have to offer through Ardantane’s wonderful Spring/Summer lineup of offerings!

Go to the link below to register.  Scroll down to the blue Get Tickets button, and sign up.  Be sure to enter the number of tickets before clicking on the blue button.

Paladin Training: New Stream



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