Paladin Training starts June 4

Paladin Training 1 with Kerr Cuhulain

Sunday, June 4, 3pm MST
The Order of Paladins

Location: Online

Ardantane and Kerr Cuhulain are excited to make the Order of Paladins training available online for the next 20 months.

The Order of Paladins is a modern order of Knighthood founded in November 2007 by Wiccan author Kerr Cuhulain, incorporating concepts from his books Wiccan Warrior, Full Contact Magick, Magickal Self Defence, How to be Glorious, and Modern Knighthood. Knights of the Order of Paladins live the precepts and the thirteen principles of the code of chivalry of the Order (sincerity, courtesy, compassion, perseverance, industriousness, justice, loyalty, courage, self discipline, humility, largesse, truth, honor) to set an example to the world. The Order of Paladins focuses on empowerment, creative expression and effective magick. All members are expected to participate, contribute, and serve the community.

Visit for more information, and to look at some of the reference videos that will be used in the training. “The classes on the website are the “textbook”. To master the classes, you study with the Master. This is not about memorizing, it is about mastery.” Kerr noted in an e-mail to the registrar.

Fee $20 per session.

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