Pirates and Pagans, Back by Popular Demand

Friday, September 11, 7-9 pm Mountain Time

Azrael and Amber
What are the myths of piracy, and what was their world really like? Were the values and traditions of pirates like those of Paganism in any way? You might be surprised. Yo ho, is The Pirate’s Life for you? Come enjoy an overview with lots of real information, plus some songs, discussion, mental swordplay, and fun. Guest speaker: Captain Jack Sparrow (no, just kidding). Wear pirate costume if you like, bring rum or parrots, and practice yer pirate lingo, matey!
Members FREE and nonmembers only $10 with code: SPRINGBUNNY. To register for this class, go to  https://www.ardantane.org/event/pirates-and-pagans-2/
Scroll down to the blue Get Tickets button, and sign up.  Be sure to enter the number of tickets before clicking on the blue button.

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