Prices changing for online classes

Those of you who took some of Ardantane’s first online classes remember that they were offered at a reduced rate of $60 because we were testing the system.  We’ve decided that the test is over, and it’s time to raise the rates a bit.

The new rates will go into effect February 1st.

Why are we doing this?

  • First, because Ardantane pays about half of the tuition due to its faculty.  That means if you use a coupon to pay for a class, Ardantane still pays faculty expenses, plus half of the value of the coupon.  If we have a lot of scholarship students, it is possible that our classes will actually lose money.  It rarely happens, but it is possible.
  • Second, this change will not be a burden to students because we offer loads of ways to earn tuition credits, through volunteer work and supporting memberships.
  • Third, because, even with the tuition increase, Ardantane classes are a better bargain than any other online classes we have been able to find.  Online classes often cost several times what Ardantane classes cost.

Beginning February 1st, regular registrations (less than two weeks before class) for online classes will cost $75.

Early registrations (earlier than two weeks before class starts) will still cost $60.

Member Certificates for $60 will still be honored for full tuition.

Tuition rates will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Blessed be!
Laura Liles (Rowan of Our Lady of the Woods), Registrar
For the Ardantane Staff

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