Wicca 101


Taught by Bridget & Rowan

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History, gods and goddesses, magick and ritual, spiritual practices, customs and traditions, covens and solitaries, cosmology and myths, the Wheel of the Year, and more, from experienced Witches

Bridget Brooke is a Priestess trained in English traditional Wicca. She is an active longtime member of the Albuquerque community and has taught Wicca for the last 20 years. She has been a coven leader, teacher and Ardantane Board Member for many years, teaching the basics of Wiccan practice and belief many times, to many different audiences.

Rowan (Laura Liles) has been involved in the Pagan/Wiccan community in northern New Mexico since 1986, designing rituals and facilitating groups and classes since long before she knew what she was doing. She is a third degree initiate in the Ladywoods tradition and has taught Magick and Witchcraft extensively at Ardantane, Merry Meet, Pagan Spirit Gathering, Magickal Mountain Mabon and Dragonfest.

This live online class will be on Zoom; you will have the chance to ask questions of the presenters and interact with other students. Directions on how to connect will be sent to you once you register.


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