The Ardantane Publicity Coordinator is a volunteer position, under the direct supervision of the Executive Director and responsible to the Ardantane Board of Directors. Though the position receives no wages or salary, the incumbent may attend any Ardantane class or retreat without charge.  The term is open-ended, and either the incumbent or the Board may terminate the appointment at any time.

The Publicity Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Maintaining a publicity resource book with information on major media through which Ardantane might publicize its programs:
    • Local and area newspapers
    • Local and area radion stations;
    • Local and area free papers/publications;
    • Online websites, blogs, and other resources;
    • Postering locations and opportunities.
  • Consulting with the Board and the Executive Director on planned publicity campaigns for the Ardantane programs;
  • Recruiting individual volunteers to help with specific aspects of publicity, and supervising their efforts;
  • Seeing that the Ardantane programs are publicized through online, print, and radio media, by sending out press releases and posters, arranging interviews, etc.;
  • Coordinating publicity with the Executive Director, the Ardantane Herald Editor, and the Social Media Staffperson;

The Publicity Coordinator is also expected to attend Ardantane Circle meetings with his or her report and suggested agenda items, approximately six times each year.


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