Ritual Design


Basics of Ritual Design
Tuesdays, July 18 & 25: online

Ritual Design: Large Group Ritual

Thursday August 1: online

Ritual Design: Rites of Passage

Thursday August 8: online

7:00-9:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time

Two classes on basic ritual design, offered back to back with two more classes on Large Group Ritual and Rites of Passage.

Have you attended or participated in an amazing ritual?

Do you wish you could design rituals like that yourself?.

What simple steps can you take to design an effective ritual?

What is necessary?

What is optional?

Learn ways to design effective, simple rituals for personal and group work.

Students may choose all four classes, only the first two, or only the second two, if the student is already familiar with the basics of Ritual.

Each two session class costs $40. Take both classes, and pay only $75.

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