School of Sacred Living

Dean: Azrael Arynn K


We are sacred beings living in a sacred world, and the School of Sacred Living was established to help students deepen and enrich their connection to, and experience of, the Sacred in everyday life. This is an inclusive school, serving all those who are on a journey to explore the nature of the Sacred and who want to live in a mindful and sacred manner, in right relationship with themselves, humanity, and nature. These courses may be especially appropriate for lay people who do not see themselves as priests, priestesses, healers, Witches, magicians, or shamans. However, they could also serve as a strong foundation for individuals who have a vocation in one of these roles. Welcome to your Sacred Journey, Sacred Life.


The mission of the School of Sacred Living is threefold:

  1. To provide learning experiences that recognize the Sacred in all aspects of life; deepen and enrich the student’s personal connection to, and relationship with, the Sacred; promote living in harmony with the Sacred; and foster and support sustainable living.
  2. To create a community of those on their own Sacred Journeys.
  3. To cross-connect to, support, and interact with all the Ardantane schools of study and practice.

Ethics (a core class taught each year by a different school at Ardantane) and Sacred Journey, Sacred Life, are required for each certificate, but need only be taken once to fulfill the requirement. Other courses that fulfill the certificate requirements will vary year to year, depending on the offerings in the various Ardantane schools. (Credit will be given for Ardantane courses already completed.) Besides Ethics and Sacred Journey, Sacred Life, each certificate requires the equivalent of six two-day classes, at least two of which must be exploring the element personally, and two must be exploring the element in external manifestation (two one-day intensives are equivalent to one two-day intensive).

Certificate Program:

The School of Sacred Living will grant certificates for individualized programs of study that meet the following criteria:

1. An Ethics class (from any School)

2. A minimum of 80 hours of classes (i.e., five two-day classes,  or combinations of shorter and longer classes) from the School of Sacred Living

3. An additional 32 hours of classes that may be from any Ardantane School(s)

4. Consultation with the Dean of Sacred Living, to ensure that the certificate represents a coherent course of study.

Course Descriptions

Sacred Journey, Sacred Life

Join us in exploring the sacred journey that is your life. For one day, be in a caring fellowship of seekers on this quest. Gather a medicine pouch of tools and techniques to help you transform the mundane into the miraculous. See the universe with starlight vision and find the center point of your being. Discover the wellspring of your divinity, and drink from its clear waters throughout your days. Live in harmony with your deepest truths and let your every act be a blessing. Experience the joy of walking the Earth with the Goddess and the Old Gods.

Welcome to your place in this magickal universe.

Creating Your Sacred Home (Online)

Take the space where you dwell, and transform it from a mere house or apartment into a center for rest, healing, and renewing your spirit. Learn techniques to alter and repurpose each area so that it is functional, comfortable, beautiful, and spiritual.

Gaia Hypothesis in Daily Life

Is the biosphere of Earth a huge, complex, form of life, where all life forms are essential parts of a self-sustaining organism? What’s the evidence for this hypothesis, and if it’s true, where does humanity fit in?

More urgently, where do YOU fit in, and how can you live in harmony with the immense and beautiful Being we call Gaia? This is far more than a “Don’t hurt the planet, recycle your trash” lecture—it’s an exploration into the spiritual dimensions of being part of something far greater than any one of us, yet dependent on each of us. Come learn what it means to be an Earthling.

The Golden Pentacle

Abundance, prosperity, wealth, money? How many ways are there to feel rich? Discover different ways to measure and grow your wealth, both ancient and modern. Find out what deities and spirit beings are the patrons of abundance and how to work with them.

And yes, there will be some really great information on ways to handle the money part of wealth as well. If you have felt scarcity, poverty, or lack of resources in your life, now is the time to tap into the wealth of a resource-full nation and an abundant universe.

Faith and To Dare

What is faith, if it’s not a mindless belief in some dogma you’ve been taught? What can we have faith in, and still honor our rational, intelligent, questioning minds? Maybe it’s time to look at the foundations of our beliefs and lives, and make sure the structure is solid. Note: this is an open-minded, exploratory class: no particular faith systems will be pressed on participants.

“To Dare” is one of the qualities needed by an adept, according to ancient lore. What have you dared to attempt in your life thus far, and what risks are worth taking tomorrow. Come join a fascinating discussion with like-minded people.

Folklore of Earth

Gnomes and stone folk, genius loci or spirits of the land, chthonic gods and goddesses who burrow beneath the soil or reign over dark and mysterious underground worlds, mountain and volcano deities, faery kingdoms in hollow hills, dwellers in caves, all the deep inhabitants of ancient faiths and folktales?

Come learn how Earth and Spirit have blended throughout the ages, and how your personal spiritual path can call upon the strength, fortitude, and endurance of the beings who are masters of the Element of Earth. If you are a creature of Air, Fire, or Water, and need the powers of Earth, this class will help bring your life to balance.

Folklore of Water

We all need water to live—in fact we’re mostly made of water! No wonder this theme has been a huge current (pun intended) throughout world religions, mythology, and folklore. Join us to hear the old tales of the rain spirits, the gods and goddesses of the deep ocean, the river goddesses and the sacred springs, the silkies and sea monsters, the merpeople and undines and all beings wet and wild.

We will also do creative exercises to deepen your connection to the water spirits, and conclude with a ceremony honoring the Spirit of Water within and without.

Our Changing World

We know it’s happening, we know it’s huge and scary and unstoppable? So what now? How about educating ourselves about what’s happening to the Earth’s climate, and finding out how we and our children can live in a changed world, and what we can do over the long term to help stabilize the climate for our descendents?

Get the best and most current scientific information on climate trends and their probable effect on sea levels, weather patterns, agriculture and more. Get informed, get active, be a responsible citizen of Planet Earth. Don’t have the fee? It will be waived for anyone who asks.

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