Samhain Celebration Friday, October 27

Ardantane will host an open celebration of Samhain, sometimes called “the Celtic New Year,” on Friday, October 27 at 6:30 pm.
Samhain (pronounced “SOW-en) means “summer’s end,” and commemorates the lives of those who have passed during the preceding year, as well as our ancestors in general. It is similar in purpose to the Mexican “Day of the Dead,” though without the skeleton imagery and sugar skulls.
It is also considered to me the Celtic “Third Harvest,” when older livestock who were not expected to survive the cold season were put down, and their meat preserved to sustain the community over the winter and early spring.
The holiday is confusing to some, because technically it lands on October 31st and is often confused with Halloween. However, Halloween is a secular or non-religious holiday derived from All Hallows’ Eve, and is not at all the same as Samhain. The Celtic Holy Day does not involve children in monster costumes and “trick or treating,” much less the devil worship that some people fear on that date.
The Ardantane commemoration will involve remembrance of our beloved dead, as well as music, storytelling, and a potluck meal afterwards. Participants are invited to dress in somber colors, and bring photos or tokens of those they wish to remember, to place on the Altar of Remembrance for the evening. Please bring food or a beverage to share as well.
The program will be suitable for adults and older children or teens. There is no charge for this event, although donations are always appreciated, for maintenance and improvement of the facilities. Those who have questions or need directions to Ardantane (about 6 miles south of Jemez Springs) are invited to call Amber at (505) 469-7777.

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