The New Registration System - Please read before you register

You’ll notice that the registration system has changed.  It’s actually easier to use, but it is different, so we’ve put together some notes to walk you through it.

Browse classes and events by clicking on the Ardantane Courses and Retreats  tab, the fourth one on the grey banner across the top of the website.  You can also browse events under Ardantane Free Events, the third tab.  Here you will find information about the regular volunteer days, Sabbat celebrations and other free events of interest to Ardantane members, students and volunteers.  In general you do not need to register for free events.

When you know which courses you want to register for, go to Courses and Retreats , the fourth item in the bar grey banner across the top of the website.  Click on Registration, which will appear when you hold your cursor over Courses and Retreats.

You’ll notice that we ask you to fill in the amount you intend to pay.  Many of our students pay for classes with Membership Certificates or Volunteer Credits, AKA Beaver Bucks.  You will need to do this before you add the class to your cart.  There is a drop down menu to help you figure out the amount you will pay.  For example,

You do not plan to use Beaver Bucks or Membership Certificates, so you enter the full amount.

You plan to use Beaver Bucks or Membership Certificates totaling less than the amount of the class, enter the price of the class, less the amount of Beaver Bucks or Membership Certificates.  (for example, the total price of the class is $60 and you have $40 in Beaver Bucks, enter $20)

You have a Member Certificate or Beaver Bucks for the full amount of the class, enter zero.

Next, and this is very important, mail the necessary Beaver Bucks or Member Certificates to Ardantane at Ardantane, P. O. Box 307 Jemez Springs, NM 87025.  If you neglect to do this, you will have to pay for the remainder of the tuition on the first day of class.

Add the class or event to your cart, just as you would in making any other internet purchase.  You will then proceed to Checkout.  The amount you entered into the system will be charged to your credit or debit card.

You’ll notice that we ask you to type in a four digit code to prevent  bogus registrations.  We are sorry to have to do this, but it is necessary just in case somebody named lfkjwpreohtqrg actually wants to register from Zaire someday.  Under the old system, the registrar had to guess which registrations were valid and which were bogus, often based on the coherence of the data.  She is relieved not to have to do that any longer.

Questions for the registrar?  Write to

Discovering the Warrior Within - Kerr CuhulainFri5PM Friday - 5PM SundayApr 27-Apr 29$120
Paladin Training 10 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTFeb 25-Feb 25$20
Paladin Training 10: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTAug 26-Aug 26$25
Paladin Training 11 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTMar 25-Mar 25$20
Paladin Training 11: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTSep 30-Sep 30$25
Paladin Training 12 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTApr 29-Apr 29$20
Paladin Training 12: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTOct 28-Oct 28$25
Paladin Training 13 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTMay 27-May 27$20
Paladin Training 13: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTNov 25-Nov 25$25
Paladin Training 14 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTJun 24-Jun 24$20
Paladin Training 14: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTDec 30-Dec 30$25
Paladin Training 15 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTJul 29-Jul 29$20
Paladin Training 16 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTAug 26-Aug 26$20
Paladin Training 17 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTSep 30-Sep 30$20
Paladin Training 18 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTOct 28-Oct 28$20
Paladin Training 2: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTDec 31-Dec 31$25
Paladin Training 3: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTJan 28-Jan 28$25
Paladin Training 4: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTFeb 25-Feb 25$25
Paladin Training 5: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTMar 25-Mar 25$25
Paladin Training 6: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTApr 29-Apr 29$25
Paladin Training 7: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTMay 27-May 27$25
Paladin Training 8 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTDec 31-Dec 31$20
Paladin Training 8: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTJun 24-Jun 24$25
Paladin Training 9 - Kerr CuhulainSun3pm MSTJan 28-Jan 28$20
Paladin Training 9: Second Stream - Kerr CuhulainSun1PM MSTJul 29-Jul 29$25
Spiritual Alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone - Amber KTue7:00-9:00 pm Mountain Standard TimeDec 5-Dec 19$65
Yule Concert - Wendy RuleThu7PMDec 21-Dec 21$20

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