The Witch’s Toolbox, 2020

The Witch’s Toolbox is an annual series with different topics each year, exploring essential skills in Witch/Wiccan spiritual practice with highly experienced priestesses and priests. This year’s topics are Pentacles & Chalices, Wands & Athames, Grounding & Centering, Celebrating the Sabbats and Altar Design.

We all need a refresher in fundamentals from time to time—I know my own practice benefits greatly when I periodically recover the basics from the ground up.  Each time I do  I discover something new, something perhaps looked upon in passing but not really seen, that opens up new doors and creates new possibilities through the process of reexamination and reflection; I engage in the practice of Beginner’s Mind, with fresh eyes clear from the crust of long- held beliefs and entrenched convictions, and in so doing I see my art in a new and sometimes profoundly deep light. Creativity thus expanding, I see the world anew through the medium of the art.

Coming up in September Ardantane will be offering a class perfect for both the first- timer and for pagans who’ve been around the block a time or two—The Witches Toolbox 2020! This year’s offering will include segments on all the elemental tools, Grounding and Centering techniques for the mindful pagan, Altar construction, and more. The annual series returns, rebuilt to serve the needs of our contemporary community—whether you’re a new Wiccan or if you’ve been wanting to return to your witch’s roots, this class is a must have!

More information is available at classes begin on September29th, so head on over and take a look. Hope to see you there!  You can register on this page by scrolling down to the blue Get Tickets button.  Be sure to enter the number of students before clicking the blue Get Tickets button.

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