Drawing Down the Moon Again with The Witches Tool Kit

Thursdays in July

FEE: $100

Hail, New Mexico (and beyond) Pagans and Witches! We offer salutations from the wind-swept crags of the Jemez Mountains once more this summer as we prepare to bring you another incarnation of the Witch’s Toolkit! Starting on Thursday, July 1 at 7pm we will be returning to the fundamentals of our beloved art with the usual creative Ardantane-style twist on the class material—each successive Thursday, those of you lucky enough to sign up for this amazing reimagining of an old favorite will receive instruction from a new instructor/instructors each class, which will be focusing on a fresh topic relevant to our ever expanding Witchcraft skills.


Rowan                  Bridget                  Moonbeam Mage                  Amber                 Azrael

The list of topics covered is as follow, by date:

  • July 1: Spell-crafting: Design, Uses, Ethics Rowan and Bridget
  • July 8: Magickal Timing: Moon Phases, Moon Signs, Void of Course Moon, Mansions of the Moon , Planetary/Magickal Days & Hours  with Moonbeam Mage
  • July 15: Your Personal Craft: Magickal Names and Journaling   Amber & Az
  • July 22: Familiars, Totems, and Animal Allies: How Critters Can Boost Our Spirituality Moonbeam Mage
  • July 29: Brooms, Flying Ointments, and Pointed Hats: Origins of the Lore and Stereotypes  Calliste and Amber

June 30 is the final day for all registrations, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to get on over to the website! https://www.ardantane.org/event/the-witchs-toolkit-2021/

The class fee is $100, and registration is accomplished by heading over to the Make a link/  More information can also be acquired by visiting the website…. Hope to see you all there!

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