Volunteer Day: November 10

The Blessed Beavers’ Motto164 Million Years of Quality Construction!

Hello Friends of Ardantane,

The next Blessed Beavers work party is coming up on Nov. 10, and we could sure use some willing hands to prepare Ardantane for the Torch and Key Retreat (and the winter!).
Our big concern is the leakage in the Dome roof; not sure what we are going to do, since we haven’t found a professional roofer who is willing to do it, and it’s a big job for volunteers. We may have to put a giant tarp over it for the winter (not kidding).
But there’s lots more to do, from painting and cleanup to testing and fixing solar lights to minor carpentry. With Azrael’s knee replacement and eye bleeding, and my accident in Los Alamos, two of us are on the walking wounded list and can’t do quite as much as usual. So your help would be much appreciated, if you can spare a few hours. Thanks!

Blessed be, Amber K

Executive Director, Ardantane Pagan Learning Center
Telephone: 505-469-7777
Address: Ardantane, P.O. Box 307, Jemez Springs, NM 87025

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