Beaver(s) of the Month for July: COMMON ROOM TASK FORCE

As those of you who followed the lengthy saga that was the construction of the HARRE POTTE know, we learned a lot from that experience.

Our most useful lesson was on the importance of careful advance planning on any project, but especially one that would require raising money from the community.

Four volunteers with really great qualifications have stepped up to make sure that our cost estimates and timelines for our next building project are based on solid planning and building experience. Falco, a retired architect, Azrael, who has been involved with campus planning from the beginning, Dawn Venhaus, who has shepherded a large building project for another non-profit, and Bridget, who has worked as a construction manager, have stepped forward to make sure that the next building project Ardantane undertakes is carefully planned and fundraising goals based on solid estimates.

Thanks, guys.

True, we don’t have a cost estimate yet, but if you’d like to donate to the fund for enclosing and finishing the Common Room, you can do so by the usual channels. Just let us know what the money is for.


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