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Comments on Ardantane from actual Ardantane students!

The homework helped us to discover our own ideas for improving our homes and I loved that because it felt empowering. –an Ardantane Student

Thanks for the inspiration! –An Ardantane Student

The sacred home class is my favorite class I have taken from Ardantane because it benefits my family, myself and my friends who visit our home. As we did our homework we worked through some issues we had in our relationship with each other and with our stuff. –an Ardantane Student

Loved it—one of my favorite workshops so far. —Tara Kiene

What a great class. Packed with practical info that I have been wondering about. —Ariel

An experience like a class at Ardantane is not easy to come by. I know because I came from Florida to find it. Thank Goddess for Ardantane! —Barbara Millios

…an excellent introductory course with enough juicy ‘tidbits’ for the more experienced practitioner, too. —Tara Kiene

Instructors are ‘Always—always willing to do what it takes so folks understand.’ —Holly

The class was wonderful! Very informative & a nice mix of hands-on & information. Thank you! —An Ardantane student

Once again, I appreciate the bibliography. Thanks for having the books available to look at. Liked the extra commentary on bibliography. —An Ardantane student

All of it was connected & built one level upon another. —Ina

We love the insightful and practical information we always receive at any Ardantane course we attend! —Rick & Dee Proctor

The handout materials are ‘a wonderful resource & it helps not having to take notes.’ —An Ardantane student

Mixed format—good balance of lecture & activities. Thorough & organized. —An Ardantane student

I always leave an Ardantane experience feeling energized and re-charged. I always leave with more ideas to continue my progress. —Charlotte

I most liked the practical applications that were suggested to follow up on. Thanks for keeping the dream alive! —JuJu

I really like the atmosphere, level of instruction, quality & content of the classes. WONDERFUL TEACHERS. —Geneva

How marvelous & generous you are! Thank you for the welcome—such respect for the novice is unexpected. Thank you! —Judith

Awesome! This was a wonderful weekend that has helped to heal energy patterns in my life. I feel I may now change my energy to the greater good of all. —Charlie

This class was so much more than expected—it touched me on a profound level—thank you, thank you, thank you. —An Ardantane student

My soul is satisfied. —An Ardantane student

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