Yule Celebration December 21

The winter solstice, called “Yule” by many of our European ancestors, will be marked on Friday, December 21, at the Ardantane campus south of Jemez Springs. The public is welcome to join in celebration with song, stories, and feasting.

The solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year; every day thereafter brings a little more light as the Earth continues its journey around the sun. The holiday is considered to be the “rebirth of the sun” in Pagan and astrological circles, and was adopted by the early Christian church as the season to mark the birth of their divine Son.
Our celebration will include decorating the traditional Yule tree, carol singing, stories, perhaps some wassailing (toasts and blessings with hot, mulled cider), and a potluck feast after the candlelight ritual. We will celebrate the returning Light in all its forms, gathering together with our hopes and dreams for the new year.
We will gather at about 6:30 pm and begin the celebration at 7:00. Participants are invited to wear festive clothing and bring a potluck dish or beverage to share. This is a family-friendly event. Although there is no charge for attendance, donations to maintain Ardantane are always appreciated (and tax-exempt).
Anyone needing directions or more information is invited to call Amber at (505) 469-7777.

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